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Welcome to Bodytalk

At BodyTalk we are dedicated to inspiring, entertaining and enlightening people on all aspects of body language and non-verbal communication.

We can help you get great results by building better rapport.

Do you want to :

•  Dramatically increase your sales success ?


•  Make powerful and persuasive presentations ?


•  Improve your meeting and networking skills ?

* * *

  David will show you how you can achieve all this just by mastering the fascinating art of body language.

BodyTalk is an essential life skill and understanding it can mean the difference between success and failure in business.

David will explain the subtle messages conveyed in facial expressions, postures and gestures so that bottom line results are guaranteed.

He'll help you to recognise when someone is lying, show you how to develop instant rapport and take your communication skills to a whole new level.

Together we can build your confidence, develop your self-esteem and increase your influence.


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Keynote speaker

David's keynote presentations , ‘Sex, Lies and BodyTalk' and ‘Increase your Impact ‘, provide high energy, fun and dynamic insights into body language.


We also offer a range of inspiring events and workshops

Presentation for the terrified

Speaking with power and impact

Negotiation tips and techniques

Increase your influence

Managing people

Make more sales

Build your inner confidence

Networking your way to success


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